BWK Green Architecture Firm is an international Sustainability Architecture design team, whose partners are from Asia, Europe and India. We hope to make original high energy consumption of buildings to achieve nearly zero energy planning through many sustainable concepts and expertise. So, this makes building design more refined, perfect, and achieve a high degree of energy saving and user comfort.

BWK Green Architecture Co. Ltd. is the first company in Taiwan to provide the full service of Passive House design. We are authorized by the Passive House Institute (PHI) to held the Passive House Designer Training Course, exam and PHPP agent contract in Asia.

Passive House 5 design Principles    

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Certified Passive House Windows
  • MVHR
  • High Airtightness Achieved
  • Thermal Bridge Free

BWK Green Architecture Firm provides clients comfortable, healthy and energy saving living environment with several mixed architecture energy saving skills.  For users who live at subtropical climate, they won't no longer endure the poor internal living climate where often encounters temperature fluctuation in Summer and Winter. Moreover, long term stable relative humidity and fresh air also provide high quality living and working space.

Payback Period

There are hundred thousand buildings adopting Passive House design in Europe. And hundred of them are monitored for long time to make sure their expected perfrmance. In terms of econmical affordability, although 10~20% incremental cost needs to be considered, 70~90% HVAC energy saving at post occupancy period can lead to 5 to 8 year cost pay back period. Compared to other building energy saving standards, passive house is proven as the most practical technology to achieve benefits.

BWK Green Architecture Company uses the world's leading simulation technology, which includes IES-VE, DAYSIM, WUFI, PHPP, designPH and other thermal bridge software, to accurately calculate building’s air conditioning energy consumption and primary energy at post occupancy stage. It assists to improve planning of building’s energy efficiency at the design phase. 

We offer the services as listed below:

  • Natural lighting and artificial lighting simulation
  • Building ventilation analysis
  • User thermal comfort analysis
  • Building energy simulation
  • CFD analysis
  • Building thermal bridge analysis

Living in the subtropical climate, in addition to avoid the cold air in winter and over heating in summer, how can you recommend the best of the economic solution for internal stable relative humidity is a major focus. No matter where you are in the office or at home, you can feel that the stable RH indeed bring the comfort to you. In addition, it also avoid that the damp brings the threat of black mold and then causes respiratory diseases.


No matter for a new built building or refurbishment of exsiting one, there should be a basic requirement of air exchange rate. This principle is to make sure the interior CO2 below 1000ppm. The air quality is supposed to be related with the users' comfort and their working productivity. BWK uses mixed-mode ventilation strategy to support clients' projects. In some situation like summer night, NV could be introduced to flush up still air. In other situation, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery would be activated to replace window ventilation.  

MVHR is crucial for Passive house design. And it makes sure the internal space air always fresh. In terms of its structure, the different streams of air are separated by profiled metal or PVC plates. With the use of ducts (fin-counter-flow heat exchanger) it is possible to further increase the relevant heat exchanging area.