Passive House Design


Unveils new plans to its Sustainable Autonomous House developed for hot and humid climate. optimize the condensed water in the cooling system, managing the humidity and high moisture processes in the atmosphere, in order to produce water for domestic use.





The new Explorer Hotel in St Johann in Tirol is the fifth ski hotel for a German company that is both climate neutral and a zero energy operation.



Frey Architekten is working on Asia’s largest passive house settlement. Wolfgang Frey took part in the groundbreaking ceremony at the construction site spanning nearly 200 acres in Qingdao, People’s Republic of China, together with other distinguished guests and decision-makers.



Adaptable housing space is scarce in many cities. Even more so when affordability is decisive. A solution now presented in Vienna, Austria could set a precedent: a mobile student dorm. The building consisting of prefabricated residential units can be set up within a few days



Maximum energy efficiency pays off – this is also true in the case of supermarket buildings. One of the pioneers in this respect is MPREIS in Tyrol. A second branch of the store belonging to the Austrian company received a Passive House certificate



Villa Circuitus, meaning ‘a going around’ in Latin, is a spacious, circular 175 sq. m passive house containing four bedrooms and open plan kitchen and dining area.The Villa Circuitus was built to meet passive house requirements, with strict environmental demands in terms of design and construction materials.





The largest Passive House project in Canada is under construction in the East Hastings corridor of Vancouver Heights. The project is named The Heights and is a six-story mixed-use building that will feature retail space on the first level and 85 units of rental housing above.



The Central workshop and administrative building (ZWuV) is used by the Department for Road Construction and Development, the Department for Parks and the Head of Energy Policy of the City of Frankfurt.  The building demonstrates the potential of sustainable building design, with an architectural style that is not only elegant but also intelligent. The result is a 90 percent reduced heating demand and perceptibly increased comfort due to high indoor air quality。



San Francisco's first ever Passive House condominium apartment complex is rising in the Mission Creek neighborhood, and amazingly, this über-efficient 6 story building doesn't just conserve energy through a tightly sealed building envelope, it also generates and stores so much energy it will function as its own 'Microgrid.'



This seminar and apartment building is an extension of the existing training academy of Korean food manufacturers Pulmuone Health & Living Co. The company‘s desire to build in an environmentally friendly way is very much in line with its focus on sustainable farming and healthy food. The building is situated on the edge of a nature reserve, at a significant distance from the existing academy. It uses its position in this natural landscape well, taking full advantage of the topography.